Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I should be so lucky.......

Currently Melbourne water storages are at 29.9%, and stage 3a water restrictions are in place until November at least. Restrictions in other country areas are much more severe, and water conservation has become a way of life for most of us. I guess in view of this it is almost blasphemous to complain about having too much rain - but sorry, personally I am sick of it.

In this town there are no water restrictions beyond the basic statewide permanent ones, and although the locals tell me the rainfall is far less than usual, we have had almost 80mm of rain this month, with nearly 320 mm this year so far. The 22,000 litre rainwater tank is constantly overflowing down the driveway, it is too wet to work outside in my soggy garden, the unsealed road outside my house is once more a quagmire, the car is covered with mud, I'm sick of my living room looking like a Chinese laundry with damp clothes in front of the fire, my dogs are longing for a good walk without getting mud up to their chins, and my white chickens are a waterlogged mud colour! I could add to this list, but I'm sure you get my drift. No doubt though, by the time summer comes again I shall be wishing for rain like everyone else, so perhaps I should just grin and bear it.

Despite the grizzle, I had a very pleasant day stitching at the Embroiderer's Guild AGM, and seem to have found my way onto the Committee for the next year. It should be a great way of getting to know a few more people and being involved in the planning and preparation for the biennial exhibition to be held next year.

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