Sunday, 13 July 2008

Floppy Bun

Spurred on by my daughter's garden creature below, yesterday I made this floppy eared bunny for a young man called Jack who is about to travel to the US, where his clever Dad has been appointed to a very important position with a well known multi-national company. Today there is a farewell luncheon for the family, and as I had purchased a tiny bunny rattle for his yet to be delivered sibling, I though he needed something too. Hope he likes it as it is not really very cuddly, but may soften a bit with some small boy treatment.

I have also done a little journal quilt - meant for the Aust/NZ Art quilt group, due in May so it is only a little bit late, and I'm only two months behind! The theme was to be curves, circles, and recycling. It is made entirely of old stuff, except for the thread - black linen, Liberty and other cotton shirts, backing and batting scraps from other projects. It is also the first time I have tried using a fancy stitch for applique, like Patsy Thompson but I think she has a different brand of machine, as mine does not have exactly that stretch stitch. I have called it Many Moons Ago.

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umi_e said...

hi... i am blog hoppinh when i landed here :D

* good art work! all the ebst :)