Monday, 14 July 2008


I would hate to perpetuate the myth that Australia is over-run with wildlife, and that kangaroos are to be found hopping down the main street........however where I live in Central Victoria there are various animals that co-exist with us and are seen occasionally. I have heaps of kangaroos that visit the garden, but these? Not so often.

My two dogs bark when there are visitors, kangaroos on the grass outside at night, and when my neighbour's cats come through the fence to use my garden beds instead of their litter tray - a habit I find most annoying, but about which I can do little. At about 8 am this morning when I was still padding round in my dressing gown, I glanced out to check what was the cause of another ruckus and saw this little fellow wandering through the garden, so I threw some clothes on, grabbed a camera and followed. The photos are not brilliant as it was still a bit dark under the trees, and the flash has caused that awful glass eye look.

In the three years living here I have only seen a koala on two other occasions, although I know they live in the surrounding area and can sometimes hear them growling. Usually to be seen by day and on the ground, indicates that they may not be in the best of health, but this one looked quite young and in good condition.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

Oh how cool to have a wild Koala visit your yard! The closest I've ever been to one was at the Sydney Zoo.

livebird said...

Won't have much to eat in your pine tree grove!!