Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lovely people, lovely quilts.....

When I got home today from a long day of helping organise and hang more than 70 quilts for our show, I found this little bouquet on my doorstep with a note. I had happily demonstrated the many capabilities of an embellisher machine to a lady who has boutique in this town. She designs and makes wonderfully individual garments but did not know about embellisher machines, but was very taken with their potential once she had played with mine. The note was to tell me that she is now the proud owner of one and I really look forward to seeing what this very talented lady will do with it.

Putting quilt stands together and hanging quilts is tiring business, but well worth it as the show will be great, and there are some wonderful quilts to see.

This one,

in several parts is absolutely wonderful - made by my friend Beverley, I think it is the most original, artistic and the best one there. I would have liked to take a few more photos of others I liked, but the owners were not present so I had no permission to post any photos - those who live nearby will need to go and have a look. St Mary's Hall in Castlemaine is the place - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.........

These are a couple of mine, sorry if you might have seen them before........This is called "The Country Life is a Less Quilty One". It features twelve garden themed embroideries designed mainly by Bronwyn Hayes but done in my own colours. It began with just one stitchery, but I became hooked on them, and it is particularly significant to me as it was put together while my house was being ripped apart during renovations, and I was living upstairs with everything I possessed in chaos around me.

And this one is supposed to be me...but actually does not look like me at all!

The Log Cabin was done for my favourite Daughter a few years ago.

While this is called Liberated Nine-Patch with 48 Liberty fabrics, mostly scounged from Op Shops over several years.

Apologies for the poor photo quality.


Anonymous said...

Quilt shows are tiring, but rewarding business. It is so lovely to look at after all the hard work is done. Your quilts are lovely as is all your work.
I am trying simple needle felting for the first time...perhaps one day I can graduate to an embellisher too.

Anonymous said...

Your friends Japanese one(s) is just stunning, but the one I want to live with is the Nine Patch,