Tuesday, 21 October 2008

September TIF at last.......

The topic for September’s TIF was Lists.

Let me admit that I am a list maker from way back, I love them. I’m a fairly organised person, and in fact seem to remember that the tendency to make lists is one of the characteristics of a Myers Briggs ISTJ personality – and I’m one of those! Lists help me keep track of so many things – what I need to do, to buy, to make, to fix, people to ring or see etc, in fact I have a long thin spiral notebook that lives near my telephone in which I write things to do and jot phone messages so they don’t get lost. Other lists may be scrappier, on a whiteboard, bits of paper, the back of an envelope or a sticky note. I even have a little gadget on my computer desktop, just like a small pad of post it notes for the same purpose. There are many other less obvious lists one uses all the time – phone books, post codes, colour cards, plant catalogues, computer favourites, television programs, stitch directories ......the list of lists could be endless.

The September TIF has been top of my sewing list for weeks, and now I can finally cross it off. This is a literal interpretation of lists, nothing clever like
Whale makes List but represents several of my typical scribbles, and a bit tatty like some of the papers that might be used.

It consists of scanned lists of various sorts printed on fabric, a scan of my DMC thread chart, and some selvedges, the lot is quilted in variegated thread supposedly to look like words on paper. The yellow post it notes are fabric fused at the top only. Where better to photograph it than on the Fridge with a lot of other bits and pieces!


Anonymous said...

I am a list maker too. Problem is...I always lose my lists!! Have a super day!

Jane said...

I'll second that.. must have my lists or else... my way of keeping a sense of control, LOL Great piece September piece!

Tanguera said...

I thought those were real post it notes. Cool how you did those.

Anonymous said...

I like this. love the post it notes. the use of the selvedges was clever - was it you or someone else who mentioned one defintion of list was the edge of fabric?

I used to be a big list maker, but now i wing it more (the school office just loves me. lol)
glad you liked the whale.