Saturday, 25 October 2008

Studio Journal - a Designer's Workhorse

A few people have commented (thanks for that) about the tidiness of my sewing room. I think they must have failed to notice that I mentioned it was only tidy because I had finished one project and had not started another! Generally the mess made when working on something leaves it look like the Augean stables and a major clean up is required before starting again.....However, it may stay tidy for longer than usual as I expect that there may not be a lot of stitching or sewing done over the next few weeks because I’ve started another online course.

This time it is a little different - Studio Journals with
Sharon Boggon in Canberra, via Joggles in New York State, with participants from all over the world. How is that for a wonder of modern technology? Reports from those who have done this course before have been very positive, so I hope to get as much from it as they seem to have done and that there will be some achievements I can share, and that a lot is learnt.

By this point in my life, I should have known that one should always go with one’s gut reaction, or follow the maxim that if in doubt – don’t. When tagged recently for a meme, initially I was not sure if I wanted to do it, and certainly if I wanted to pass it on as the rules stated. For a variety of reasons, I don’t forward those supposedly funny emails that one receives, or those that promise great luck, joy or happiness (and imply the reverse if you do not) and these are not much different, even though they are meant to be fun.

In the end, so as to cause no offence, I completed the meme and later forwarded it to those known only through the Internet – ironically perhaps causing some offence or sense of intrusion for them. Many of us write under a pseudonym out of a wish for privacy, security, paranoia or any number of other of reasons, and are careful about what they post, and this particular meme asked for personal information. I guess respondents can choose what to write and reveal, and some have chosen not to participate, which is absolutely fine by me.

It is probably not worth a lot of angst, but I would not do it again. I’m wondering what others may think?


Doreen G said...

Oh Sue I am sorry that I haven't done the meme it's not that I don't want to do it but I just plain forgot all about it because I have been busy doing a workshop with Lynda Monk and Carol McFee from Fibre in Form.
I don't mind telling people about myself and I have also just remembered that 2 other people tagged me several weeks ago.
How tragic is that.

Jane said...

No offense taken... I love these things, just time consuming is all with the linking... I did an off the wall post... and I DO appreciate you tagging me, it was fun! Hope you're enjoying your weekend and your journaling class, have fun exploring !!!!

Paula Hewitt said...

Have fun on the course.

I feel like you about the memes (and joke emails). I had decided not to do them anymore because while i dont mind getting them, I never know who to pass them onto. I know some people like them and other dont - and its hard to know when to do it - thats why i was happy to do it, but not to pass it on. and it gave me something to write about - so i was glad about that :).

Its funny when i started my blog i wanted to be anonymous but i couldnt think of a pseudonym and ended up using my real name. I figured no one would read it anyway....

Carol said...

Having discussed the tag toptic already, on the tidy sewing room theme ..... I envied yours so much I devoted yesterday to restoring a little sanity to mine! Thank you for the inspiration. I've documented it on my blog so I can savour it for longer than it will stay that way.

Carol said...

Oops! Toptic? Actually I kind of like the sound of that!