Sunday, 26 October 2008


Thanks for the comments and emails, good to know your thoughts on this thorny question, which has now been dealt with.

I have been working on some of the exercises for Sharon's course, and having a ball doing stuff I have not done since my children were young. The task was to try what I used to think of as brass rubbing - where one places paper over a textured image and gently rubs with a pencil, or in the case of traditional brass rubbing, a wax heelball. Sharon called this frottage, but when I googled to check the definition I came up with something completely different, and I was not doing that!

Anyway, I was amazed at the number of very ordinary objects that resulted in an interesting texture that almost looked like a photograph or two dimensional image due to the different shading. This was a collage I made, and can easily see it as a stitchery or in fabrics....The items used were the chimney of my slow combustion fire, the top of a tupperwear container, a cedar weatherboard of my house, and some Eucalypt leaves.

I'm a sucker for old books, and rarely pass anything that is vaguely stitching or needlework of the kind I favour, so this little book had to come home with me from a local market this morning - a bargain at only $2! I don't actually do much canvas work any more, but the ideas and designs inside would work as well for other stitchery or textile projects.


Anonymous said...

every time i see this referred to as frottage i giggle. I guess that is the definition you found on google. I havent done either type of frottage....yet. but i might do some of the crayon rubbing type one day.:)
im a sucker for embroidery books too - and $2 is a great buy. Effie has done some great contemporary embroidery.

Anonymous said...

Love your "brass rubbings"...they are lovely and would definitely make a wonderful stitchery. Perhaps we all love any kind of needlework books...good find.!

Jane said...

Frottage is a giggly word... possibly like cleavage but for the pant line? LOL Older books are full of ideas that we can use along with new ideas and current mediums.Great find, Sue. Looking forward to seeing more of your journal pages.
PS. My word verification for this comment was "bracties". I regret that I have not kept a diary of some of these verification code words, a comedy in and of itself.