Wednesday, 22 October 2008

October TIF

The topic for this month was to think about our workspaces, how we feel about them and what part they play in our lives.

Theoretically my workspace is what would otherwise be a bedroom – it measures about three metres square, is carpeted and the three door hanging cupboard now sports sturdy shelves for storage of my stash and other necessary items. I have a work table with my Bernina on it, an ironing board and a small desk for the computer, a very crowded bookshelf, and a large design wall that also functions as a notice board and currently displays this year's journal quilts. The old desk was mine when I was at school in the 60’s, and under that melamine extension bears the marks of endless nights doing homework for school and uni, rings from coffee mugs and the occasional bored doodle in the wood. It returned to my care when my parents died, and I’m very glad to have it as a reminder of times past.

I’m fortunate to have a designated space to work where I can leave projects without having to tidy up and put everything away. However – this space is often too small, and then I spread out to the main room of my home, the dining table and the kitchen benches, the veranda or wherever is most suited for my activity at the time. I would dearly love to have a much larger area, without carpet and sometimes consider converting my garage into a wonderful light filled studio, but that will probably never happen. I think then I could call it a studio, as it is, this space is just a sewing room – often very untidy and sometimes used as a dumping ground when I need to make the rest of the house spick and span. By the way this is tidier than usual having just finished the last TIF piece and reorganised everything ready for the next project!

My October piece was actually done about a year ago, when doing an online course with Jane LaFazio and the lesson focussed on making an art quilt as a Shrine to something that was special to each of us. Because life is fairly hectic at the present time, and I’m not doing a lot of stitching, I’m going to cheat a little and use this as my October TIF.


Anonymous said...

Love your sewing's so much neater than thing!

Anonymous said...'s so much neater than MINE!! But then it's only 5:30 AM

Jane said...

Enjoyed seeing where you do your creating and was very captivated by your journal quilts and how you're displaying them.

Carol McGill said...

No wonder you produce such wonderful work. Being so well organised must be very inspiring. Your display wall looks beautiful.

maggi said...

Your sewing room looks so organised. I am getting there but need more discipline. Your work for the October TIF is so appropriate, why create something new. Maggi